Guest Spotlight: Dale on the Rail

12/19/2019 | by lodgewell | Happenings

This month, we sat down with Dale, a last-minute business traveler from up North. Way up North. 

Dale on the Rail hanging out at Top Trip Rentals

Top Trip Rentals: So what brings you to town Dale? 

Dale: Well, I recently earned a promotion (my boss is a Saint!) and my first assignment sent me to Austin to spread holiday cheer. I rarely get to travel on business and especially not somewhere this warm, so I was very excited! 

It’s a looooong way from the North Pole to Austin, but well worth the trip.

Top Trip Rentals: We are so happy to have you! Most of us are familiar with your boss – he seems like a wonderful guy. So how did you find us? 

Dale: Actually I used this tool we use a lot in the workshop called, Google. It helps you find all sorts of things – we get the craziest requests sometimes! I think I asked it to find me, “Cool Austin Lodging for short trip” or something like that. 

Top Trip Rentals: Wow I had no idea Santa was so tech savvy!

Dale: Oh for sure. You should see all of the controls he built to get his sleigh all over the world. 

Top Trip Rentals: Makes sense. 

Dale: So then I started searching on your site and I loved the idea of Lodging Local with people who know the city backward and forwards with unique properties in great locations. I chose downtown because my assignment was very specific to spreading as much holiday cheer to as many Austinites as possible.

Top Trip Rentals: Yes, I remember getting your request about the balconies at The Littlefield Lofts – I’m so glad we could help you find the perfect spot! 

Dale: It’s truly perfect. And I’ve noticed a few things too, hanging out here day and night. 

Top Trip Rentals: Oh yeah? 

Dale: First, Austin likes to build things just like I do. 

Look up! It’s Dale on the Rail at 6th and Brazos in Downtown Austin

Dale: Second, sometimes people are looking down at their shiny rectangles in their hand and miss me. But then sometimes they use that rectangle to take pictures of me when they spot me! Those things are bittersweet inventions. 

Dale: Third, the views from this loft are incredible – one night I got to see the last full moon of 2019! I hadn’t seen a moon that full since the one time Santa bent over to pick up some coal! 

Dale’s night-time moon view from the his awesome vacation rental.

Top Trip Rentals: Ha ha ha ha! Are you planning anything else here during your stay? 

Dale: Yes! This week I’m hosting a breakfast for Austin First Responders, a Lunch n’ Gift for children from The Settlement Home, and a hot cocoa party for visitors. I want people to feel as warm on the inside as it is outside! 

Even Austin pedicabs are in the spirit! Dale just wants to spread some holiday cheer this year.

Top Trip Rentals: And you’ve done just that. We’re so happy to host YOU Dale, and we hope you enjoy the rest of your stay!

Dale on the Rail won’t be hanging around too much longer, so make sure and stop by the corner of 6th & Brazos before he heads home and snap a holiday pic – look up!